Gourmet Salads

Greek Salad   A classic!  Kalamata olives, green bell peppers, cucumbers, Roma tomatoes, red onions and feta cheese on a bed of spinach tossed in our Greek dressing  11.99

Caesar Salad  A heaping portion of Romaine lettuce, garlic croutons, Caesar dressing and Parmesan cheese topped with your choice:
  Grilled Chicken Breast  13.99      Blackened Shrimp  15.99    Blackened Salmon  19.99

Mountain Salad   Crisp Romaine and Iceberg lettuce with bacon, egg, tomato, cucumber, avocado, cheddar cheese, croutons and topped with your choice:
  Grilled Chicken Breast  13.99      Blackened Shrimp  15.99     Blackened Salmon  19.99

Buddha Bowl  A lovely blend of spinach, apple, broccoli, bell peppers, mushroom, cucumber and tomatoes tossed in a Fat-Free Raspberry Vinaigrette and topped with green onion and pita chips  11.99

Buffalo Chicken Salad  Breaded chicken breast tossed in our famous hot sauce atop crisp romaine with cheddar cheese, carrots, red onions, cucumbers, tomatoes and blue cheese crumbles.  Served wtih ranch dressing  14.99

Garden Side Salad  Spring mix greens with vegetables. Recommended with our Roasted red Pepper Vinaigrette, or choose your favorite dressing  5


*All prices are subject to change